Last Days Theology

The Book

Last Days Theology is a culmination of more than a decades worth of study of the Emerging Church. This study began as a personal one so that I might have a greater understanding of what was quickly becoming a mainstream religion. The personal study revealed to me the great influence this Religion of Rebellion was having on Independent Baptist churches. While comparing dozens of Emerging Church resources to the Bible the contrast was evident and the condemnation by Scripture was plain. What followed was a Wednesday night series of Bible studies that I taught to the members of Immanuel Baptist Church. These studies included subjects such as “Dead Religion”, “Is the Old Time Religion Outdated?”, “Emergent Ear Ticklers”, “Sensual Separation”, and “The Ungodly Counsel of the Emerging Church”. God used these studies to strengthen the faith of our church but they also aided in dealing with those who have been deceived by this cult. I have had much encouragement from the members of Immanuel Baptist Church to put this material in a book. Likewise, I have had the same encouragement by dozens of pastors to do the same. After much prayer I have begun the journey of putting this material into print. Please follow for updates and the progress of completion. I would appreciate your prayers as I engage the ideology of our adversary.